This is a condition mainly seen in cats and the smaller breeds of dog. It is a minor infection of the gums with chronic inflammation which can result in the removal of teeth in extreme cases. It may be necessary for your veterinary surgeon to de-scale the teeth to remove any tartar that has built up and this should be followed by regular cleaning of the teeth, using a veterinary formulated toothpaste, to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Give Garlic and Fenugreek tablets at the treatment dose to relieve the infection and continue this at the maintenance dose thereafter for animals that may be susceptible to this condition. As animals with gingivitis may find it difficult to eat, there may be a resulting loss of appetite and a course of Malted Kelp tablets can be given to stimulate the appetite following treatment. Gingivitis may occur as a consequence of a more serious condition and therefore if it persists or becomes acute, consult your veterinary practice for advice.