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UK:  Feline Travel Regulations


Pet Travel Scheme

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) is the system that allows pet dogs, cats and ferrets from certain countries to enter the UK without quarantine as long as they meet the rules. It also means that people in the UK can take their dogs, cats and ferrets to other European Union (EU) countries, and return with them to the UK. They can also, having taken their dogs, cats and ferrets to certain non-EU countries, bring them back to the UK without the need for quarantine. The rules are to keep the UK free from rabies and certain other diseases.

The UK does not permit the import of dogs, cats and ferrets that have not been vaccinated against rabies. Once they have reached the minimum age for vaccination (as stated on the vaccine manufacturer's datasheet) they must be prepared in accordance with all the requirements explained on this website, taking account of the required order of preparation.

PETS only applies to dogs, cats and ferrets travelling between the UK and certain countries and territories. Dogs, cats and ferrets must not have been outside any of these countries in the 6 calendar months before entering the UK.

Before travelling, you must make sure that your pet cats and dogs (including assistance dogs) or your ferret meets all the rules of the Scheme.

Dogs, cats and ferrets entering the UK under PETS may only do so on certain sea, air and rail routes.

Dogs, cats and ferrets entering the UK from non-qualifying (unlisted) countries must spend 6 months in quarantine on arrival.

PETS:  Factsheets

  •   Introduction to the European Regulation on the movement of pet animals.

  •   PETS certificates and transitional arrangements - dogs and cats.

  •   European countries - dogs & cats

  •   Non European countries - dogs & cats

PETS:  Contact details

You can get more information about the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) and quarantine by contacting Defra: PETS helpline

Tel: +44 (0)870 241 1710 (Monday to Friday - 8.30am to 5pm UK time)
Fax: +44 (0) 1245 458749
(please enclose your postal address and a day time telephone number)

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Fax: +44 (0) 1245 458749
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