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What are the divisions & colors of Bengal Cats?

There are and four DIVISIONS (based on genetic color) and eight COLORS (based on genetic color and pattern) The following terms are genetically correct and used in the TICA registry, which is the base for a majority of the registrations. In ACFA registry, the Bengal cat has to be the fifth generation from the Asian leopard cat and is shown in the same divisions.

Brown tabby

  • brown spotted
  • brown marble
Seal lynx point tabby
  • seal lynx point spotted
  • seal lynx point marble
Seal mink tabby
  • seal mink spotted
  • seal mink marble
Seal sepia tabby
  • seal sepia spotted
  • seal sepia marble
In 1991 the only recognized color and division of the Bengal cat was the brown spotted tabby, but in 1994 the addition of seal lynx point, seal mink, and seal sepia also added another pattern, the marble. TICA and ACFA, the largest registries for the Bengal cat, do not recognize any other colors in the Championship cats. All other colors are New Breed and Color and have not been accepted.

NOTE: The brown spotted tabby is often referred to as a leopard pattern, the seal lynx, seal mink and seal sepia as snow leopard.


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