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Australia / New Zealand Advertising
If you would like to advertise on Bengal Classifieds,
the cost is AUD $12 per month / AUD $99 per year. 
** (If you are paying for a year & place & link back to us on your website we will give you 2 months extra advertising free.) **  That's 14 months for AUD $99 which works out at only $7 per month

For this, you will get a full page on the site (which may be updated as often as you wish), which will include contact details, availability, up to 7 photos, link back to your website, location map link, hit counter, online contact form, pedigree information and any other information you would like including..

Monthly v Yearly Comparison

Monthly Yearly
1 advert at any one time on either the Kitten, Queen, Stud or Spay Neuter areas of the website.

(2 concurrent adverts require 2 subscriptions)


Unlimited number of adverts during the year.

Advertising of simultaneous litters across multiple pages.

Simultaneous ad's allowed on any on the website areas: (Kitten, Queen, Stud, Spay/Neuter)


If paying monthly, please use the PayPal Subscribe button below & your page will be uploaded once payment is received, you will them be billed monthly until you wish to cancel.
You may cancel your advert at any time (without the need to give any notice) using the cancel subscription button at the bottom of the page.
N.B No refund will be given in respect to any unused days

If paying yearly then please use the PayPal Payments buttons below & your page will be uploaded once your payment is received.
N.B No refund will be given in respect to any unused days.


TO PLACE AN ADVERT:   use the AD Submission forms below:

  • Click Here to advertise Bengal Kittens for sale

  • Click Here to advertise Bengal Queens / Studs for sale

  • Click Here to advertise Bengal Spay/Neuters for sale

  • Click Here to advertise your Bengal Stud service.


use the Payment Options below:

To pay for a whole year:
PayPal verified Merchant
To pay on a month by month basis:
To cancel a monthly subscription:


Remember: 5% of net income from all advertisements will be donated to The Winn Feline Foundation &
Dr Diane Addie as they continue there research into medical problems affecting cats.  


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