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Robyn Wanner
(916) 765-5293


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I have very specific breed goals which consistently results in Bengals that retain the look of the ALC heritage with large eyes, pronounced whisker pads and chin, rounded ears, and long, wild bodies. Be sure to visit my website along with many others, and if you like the look that I am producing, then I have all the rest of the qualities that you should be looking for in a breeder. I test for heart disease and kidney disease. My kittens are seen by my vet who vaccinates them, deworms them, and, most importantly, checks their stools for any hidden bugs. This ensures that your kitten will be in excellent health when it transitions to your home. In addition, all the kittens are raised in my home with young children and dogs. Therefore, they can handle just about anything!
Spring 2012
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We are a small, select TICA registered Bengal cat breeder located in Lincoln, California outside of Sacramento. In order to provide each breeding cat the time and devotion she would receive as a household pet, we keep the number of cats very low. It keeps our standards very high as we only have the time and space to breed the very best.

Bengal Kittens for sale in California from SolanaRanch Bengal Kittens for sale in California from SolanaRanch Bengal Kittens for sale in California from SolanaRanch
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