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Magdalena Weaver


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Our selective breeding program is focused on producing exceptional Bengal kittens that are fine examples of this enchanted breed. Our goal is always to improve on purrfection with kittens that are friendly and well socialized, gorgeous and wild looking. We offer exquisite early generation and later generation kittens with splendid coat patterns, including spotted and three color marbled, silver and browns, In our Bengal kittens, we take great pride in the delightful mixture of sociable, playful, and affectionate natures. By purchasing an Ekambar Bengal kitten, you can be assured of a loving family companion that will provide you and your family with many years of love, laughter, joy, and companionship.
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Ekambar Cattery is located in Northern California. We are members of TICA ( The International Cat Association) and TIBCS (The International Bengal Cat Society). The cats in our breeding program are periodically tested and cleared for FIP, FELV, FPV, and FIV. They are also anually screened for HCM. The kittens are litter trained, receive 2 sets of vaccines and preventive deworming before they leave to their permanent homes.

Bengal Kittens for sale in California from Ekambar Bengal Kittens for sale in California from Ekambar Bengal Kittens for sale in California from Ekambar
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