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Keria Barlow

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We have beautiful spotted and marbled Bengals for adoption. but one is beautiful with stunning markings and the sweetest cat ive met gets along with everything very playful! and he will be a big boy! at 3 months he is already 5 pounds and 4 ounces! no papers! but he is a very loving boy. he thinks he is part dog! lol! not fixed and still has his claws. litter trained to! getting rid of him because i have finally given up on my cats getting along ive had him since he was 10 weeks and my 3 year old maine coon cant stand him my maine coon dosent want to play with him but he doesn't reliaze that. i really hoped that my maine coon would get used to him but its just getting worse and he is getting mean to him (As well as my other kittens):( i honestly just want him to have a good home so send me a price of what u think is a resonable rehoming fee! paid a lot but price dosent matter just that he(they) is in good hands and a loving home! he lives in a home with dogs, one cat and a snake and he loves them all! (sadly other cat don't like him) and he has been around children to and is great!
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Bengal Kittens for sale in Texas  from KeriaBarlow Bengal Kittens for sale in Texas  from KeriaBarlow Bengal Kittens for sale in Texas  from KeriaBarlow
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