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Stacy Rea Thomas


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What is a Bengal?
Bengals are absolutely fascinating cats. They have extremely exotic looks accompanied by wild personalities. They are fully domesticated animals, but the looks come from their origination from a hybrid of the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) and a domestic cat.
Why Ounce?
We are a small family Bengal breeder based in Northern California (Roseville). We breed "forever" pets to be part of your family and enrich your life experience.
We enjoy staying connected with our adopted parents to share stories, answer questions and watch the Ounce kittens grown into beautiful adults.
What Ounce breeds for.
Ounce breeds for temperament (kid/pet friendly, water loving, and personality rich) as well as correct type (wild heads with nocturnal eyes, great muscle with thick tails). We breed Silver (Black) Spotted, Brown (Black) Spotted Bengals and Seal Lynx Point Spotted Bengals.
Winter 2012/Spring 2013
Check with Breeder
Ounce kittens are available between 10 - 14 weeks of age, come fully vaccinated, microchipped, under a contract/purchase agreement with copy of TICA registration and a five generation pedigree.
Best of all, they come fully loved having been raised underfoot in our home surrounded by family, friends and other animals.
We LOVE our Cats! We are passionate about our cats. They are far more than just a business; they are a part of our family. Visit our website or like us on Facebook to learn more about Ounce, our fabulous cats and to see available kittens.

Bengal Kittens for sale in California from Ounce Bengal Kittens for sale in California from Ounce
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